Lollycocks are inspired by the eroticist Kojo Black. Kojo Black makes fabulous films and writes delectably decadent books. And we love them! In fact, we love them so much that we wanted to take all the sweetness, succulence, and satisfaction of Kojo’s mojo, and put it in a lollipop!

And Lollycocks were the result! Kojo’s work is all about real passion, real lust, and real joy. At Lollycocks, we thought those were three pretty good ideas to put into a lollipop! So, we did!

At Lollycocks, we like to keep it real. If we were going to scour the land to find the most beautiful, succulent cock to suck, we had to make sure it was based on the real thing—on a real, lovely, fleshy, lusty, happy penis! We searched long, and we searched hard. Nearly exhausting our crack team of researchers. Our diligent team auditioned, sampled, and mulled over cocks of all lengths, widths, shapes and sizes, until they settled upon the one most pleasing to the mouth. There were many factors at play. The chosen cock would be unmodified. So it was important for us to get the best cock for the job! First, our team looked for straightness. We needed a slight bend in the chosen member to give it real-feel angularity. But, at the same time, it was important that our proto-cock did not bend TOO much, thus making it too difficult to eat!

The team then had to consider cock-character. Of course, we were after a chap with enough personality to be endearing, but without so many quirks as to be distracting. Again, our team poured over their data. They sampled the bumps and bulges, ridges and edges, crowns and curves, textures and tones that made up the shoal of short-listed shafts.

One glorious day, they found their perfect piece. The prototype penis was proud and personable, elegantly aesthetic, with just a hint of caprice. Its owner is a delightful gentleman, justifiably proud of his pecker, humble and overjoyed to be able to share it with you!

We are rolling out the scaled-down version first. And it is the Lollycocks-Mini currently
available. But rest assured that, while you suckle and slurp on our juicy juniors, we are busily sculpting, crafting and moulding the most elegant and delicious life-size candy-cock for you to savour!

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